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Aroma of lotus and peach with hint of cinnamon. Straight from the beautiful mountain in Guangdong Province that is named after the legendary phoenix. Humid weather combined with cool, high-altitude temperatures and very fertile soil results in one of China’s most famous dark oolongs.

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    Dan Cong is a very old tea which history record dates back to 900 years ago. The tea plants are believed to be a specimen of the Shui Xian strain that have been carefully selected to breed as Dan Cong's tree, which is a single trunk tree that rises tall and straight up, and with branches that open out like an umbrella. Feng Huang Dan Cong was also an Imperial tribute tea during the Song dynasty.

    Other names:
    Feng Huang Select, Phoenix Select

    The dried tea leaves of Feng Huang Dan Cong are very aromatic even before they are steeped. The infusion yields a beverage that is sweet with a peachy flavor reminiscent of a popular fruit in China called longan.

    Slightly curled, long golden-brown tea leaves.

    Feng Huang Shan, Guangdong Province

    Harvest Period:
    Spring 2016

    The Phoenix mountain near Chaozhou (Guangdong province) has a long tradition of producing oolong tea since the Tang Dynasty and became more popular during the Qing dynasty. In 1982, Phoenix Mountain's oolong tea has been awarded and recognized as Chinese's famous national tea. The region has a mild and humid climate. The best Phoenix Dan Cong tea leaves grow in the parts of the mountain 1000 meters above sea level. Read about the history and origin of dan cong oolong tea.

    Is drinking Phoenix Dan Cong good for my dental health?
    A 1993 study conducted by scientists found that oolong tea inhibits the enzyme activities of bacteria streptococci, which has been known to cause dental plaque to form on teeth, and can lead to dental caries. Researchers found that oolong tea extract exhibits the most prominent inhibitory action and prevents dental plaques.

    How to steep Phoenix Dan Cong?
    Steep Phoenix Dan Cong leaves for 3 minute with 100 degree water. The most traditional way to enjoy Chinese Oolong Tea is using small “gongfu” tea cups, i.e. cups so small that the tea is finished in one small sip. These cups help discipline one to savor tea with patience, aka ‘gongfu’. Only drinking Phoenix Dan Cong slowly and patiently will one fully appreciate its unique flavors.

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