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Lavender has been used over the ages for promoting rest and tackling bouts of insomnia. Its pleasant and distinctive smell is associated with stress relief and creating a relaxed state, making it an ideal bedtime tea to help lull you into a restful and peaceful sleep.

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    When it comes to making lavender tea the process is very simple and those with access to this herbal plant growing wild can simply pick the blossom, and then dry it before infusing it with boiling hot water. If you are wondering how to make lavender tea, the process really is that simple.

    When it comes to steeping the dried blossom, using a two piece glass tea infuser is the ideal way to make this delicious and refreshing beverage as the blossom will be kept separate from the infused water. A glass tea pot will allow you to watch the dried blossoms unfurl before your eyes as part of the brewing process, increasing your appetite for this soothing drink. When it comes to making tea using lavender, some people find it too strong of an herb to use on its own. One popular lavender tea recipe that is easy to prepare involves combining it with mint leaf which creates a deliciously refreshing blend that can be served either hot or as ice tea.  For those with a sweet tooth, a spoonful of honey can make the drink more to their liking.

    There are many benefits associated with drinking lavender tea and understating them can be a good way to help you decide if you want to try this type of tea or not. As the fragrance of this herbal plant has been known to calm and relax the body and mind for many centuries it makes sense to learn that lavender tea can have a purported positive effect on the nervous system and its related disorders. The benefits of lavender tea are said to include relieving anxieties and reducing stress as well as providing a positive boost to those feeling low or down.  There are also claims that the lavender tea benefits include its external use as an aid for helping to heal cuts and sores.

    Overall, lavender tea is an easy to prepare tasty drink that has a strong flavour with many beneficial properties that can help you to relax and unwind.

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